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Key Persons Invovled

scmitloran Lead on the Franklin Committee

Key Points

Former Nebraska Politician

Led The Legislative Committee throughout the Franklin Probe


decamp Franklin Lawyer & Author

Key Points

Assisted Senator Loran Schmit as an advisor during the Franklin investigation and trial.

Has represented victims involved in the Franklin case, including Paul Bonacci.

Wrote the Franklin Cover-Up (For more information visit the Franklin Book Page).


caradori_gary Franklin's Lead Investigator

Key Points

Hired as lead investigator by the Franklin Committee.

Recorded and video-taped several Franklin abuse victims.

Flying back from a trip to Chicago with his 8-year-old son Andrew, Caradori's plane crashed in Aurora, Illinois, killing both him and his son. The crash paralleled Caradori's  investigation into Franklin-related abuse allegations, leaving questions about the cause of the crash.


BonacciPaul Alleged Victim

Key Points

Testified and named men in front of the Franklin Jury who allegedly sexually and physically abused him in the Omaha area and beyond.

Indicted on charges of perjury after testifying he had been abused before the Franklin Grand Jury.

In 1999 won a $1 million law-suit against Larry King with the help of his lawyer John DeCamp.


owen_alishaAlleged Victim

Key Points

Testified and named men in front of the Franklin Grand Jury who allegedly sexually and physically abused her in the Omaha area and beyond.

Charged and indicted on 8 counts of perjury after testifying before the Franklin Grand Jury.

boner_troyAlleged Victim

Key Points

Interviewed in 1989 by Gary Caradori.

In 1990 he (as well as James Daniel King) recanted his story of abuse.

In 2003 Boner died, after being admitted into a New Mexico Hospital.

HaroldWAndersen Alleged Abuser

Key Points

Former Publisher of the Omaha World Herald throughout Larry King's indictment, and The Franklin Trial.

The only American to ever be president of the International Federation of Newspaper.

baer_alan2 baer_alan3
Alleged Abuser

Key Points

Troy Boner said that he had repeated sexual encounters with Baer.

Baer was later charged with two felony counts of pandering.  Click here to read a story about the charges

Heir to the J.L. Brandeis & Sons Department Store chain, sold to Younkers in 1987.

Former Co-owner of the AA Omaha Lancer Hokey Team.

Investments in - Ak-sar-ben, Baer Marketing Firm, The Omaha Reader Paper, and many other businesses both locally and nationally.

Baer died in November of 2002. - Click here to read a story about his death


citron2 citron_peter1

Alleged Abuser

Key Points

Arrested in 1965 For Sexual Child Abuse (charges were later dropped).

Omaha World-Herald Entertainment Columnist in the 1980s'.

Sentenced 3-8 years in June 1990 after pleading no contest to sexual assault.  Click here to read an article about Citron's sentence and release.

Citron served about 2 and a half years, and was released in 1993.

Citron died in June of 2003. Click here to read an article about his death.


Alleged Abuser

Key Points

Was quoted at one time as "Being the fastest rising Republican star in the nation."

Sang the National Anthem at the 1984 and 1988 GOP Convention.

Managed the Franklin Credit Union Bank in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of defrauding, served 10 years, and released in 2001.

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