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Tapes Seized at Citron's Home Released for Possible Use in Suit - June 24, 1993 - Omaha World-Herald

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Jun 24, 1993 Tapes Seized at Citron's Home Released for Possible Use in Suit; [Sunrise Edition 1] Robert Dorr. Omaha World - Herald. Omaha, Neb. pg. 19

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Videotapes seized at the home of former entertainment reporter Peter Citron in 1990 will be released for possible use in a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Lincoln, a Douglas County district judge said Wednesday.

Paul A. Bonacci, 25, and his attorney, John DeCamp, have sought the tapes for use in Bonacci's 1991 lawsuit against 16 individuals and institutions. Bonacci claims the defendants sexually abused him or were responsible for his abuse while he was growing up in the Omaha area.

Some defendants have sought and won dismissal from the lawsuit in pretrial decisions.

The Citron videotapes will be released to U.S. Magistrate David Piester of Lincoln, who said in an earlier court order that he would view the tapes privately to see whether they had any bearing on Bonacci's lawsuit.

Piester had ordered the City of Omaha and two Omaha police officers to seek the Douglas County District Court's permission to submit the Citron tapes to federal court.

Douglas County District Judge Joseph Troia said he released the tapes without a court hearing because no one, including the defendants, objected to their release.

Some videotapes were made with the knowledge of participants "in improper sexual activities," DeCamp said. Some were made without the knowledge of those participants, he said.

The tapes have been in the custody of the Omaha Police Department, which seized them at Citron's home at 505 S. Happy Hollow Blvd. when he was arrested Feb. 23, 1990.

In seeking the tapes, DeCamp submitted an affidavit, or sworn statement, from Bonacci that "includes allegations of a scandalous nature" against people who are not defendants in the Bonacci lawsuit, Piester said.

Piester sealed the Bonacci affidavit to prevent those names from being known.

Bonacci and Citron have served prison terms for fondling young boys in separate incidents during the late 1980s. Citron is a former entertainment reporter for The World-Herald and WOWT-Channel 6.

Bonacci was indicted by the Douglas County Franklin grand jury in 1990 on charges of lying under oath when he said he was sexually abused by prominent Omaha men. The charges against Bonacci were dismissed after Alisha Owen was convicted on perjury charges.

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