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Iowan Believes DeCamp Book - Apr 17, 1992 - Omaha World-Herald

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Apr 17, 1992 Iowan Believes DeCamp Book; [Sunrise Edition] Paul Hammel. Omaha World - Herald. Omaha, Neb. pg. 20

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The father of a West Des Moines, Iowa, newspaper carrier who disappeared nearly 10 years ago said Thursday that a book by Lincoln lawyer John DeCamp is accurate in saying there has been a cover-up of information about his son's disappearance.

John Gosch appeared at a press conference in DeCamp's office. DeCamp was there but did not take part. Gosch said he decided to make a public statement after reading DeCamp's book, "The Franklin Cover-Up."

The section of the book on young Gosch relies on comments made by Paul A. Bonacci, a Nebraska prison inmate who was indicted in 1990 on three counts of lying under oath to a Douglas County Grand Jury.

The grand jury investigated child-abuse allegations that grew out of the investigation into the closing of the Franklin Federal Community Credit Union in Omaha. The grand jury concluded that the allegations were part of a "carefully crafted hoax."

DeCamp, Bonacci's attorney and a Lincoln lobbyist, released "The Franklin Cover-Up" three weeks ago.

The book repeats contentions by Bonacci, first publicized 17 months ago, that a child-sex ring of four men abducted Gosch. Bonacci claims to have taken part and claims that the boy was taken for child pornography.

Despite the grand jury's conclusion that Bonacci's testimony was inconsistent, contradictory and pathetic, Gosch's father, John, said he believes Bonacci's statements.

"Paul told my wife and I things that we've never told anybody," said Gosch, a West Des Moines, Iowa, agriculture chemical salesman.

Roy Stephens, an unlicensed Omaha private investigator who has worked for the Gosches, said Bonacci described their son's personal habits and the location of a scar that had not been made public.

Gosch said West Des Moines police have declined to interview Bonacci, who is jailed at the Lincoln Correctional Center.

Lt. Gerry Scott, who led the Gosch investigation, has said he didn't intend to pursue Bonacci's allegations unless they were corroborated in some way. Scott has said Bonacci lacks credibility.

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