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Jurors Got LaRouche Newspaper - June 19, 1991 - Omaha World-Herald

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June 19, 1991 Jurors Got LaRouche Newspaper; [Metro Edition] Omaha World - Herald. Omaha, Neb. pg. 11

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District Judge Raymond Case and lawyers involved with the Alisha Owen perjury trial questioned jurors about two weeks ago after discovering they had been given Lyndon LaRouche organization material on the Franklin sexual abuse allegations.

Prosecutor Gerald Moran said that at least five and possibly more of the jurors had copies of the New Federalist, a newspaper of the extremist LaRouche organization, delivered to their doors.

Moran said that also during that time, the newspaper had been distributed in the Douglas County Courthouse. That issue of the paper discussed the perjury cases of both Miss Owen and Paul Bonacci.

Both Miss Owen and Bonacci were charged with lying under oath to the Douglas County grand jury looking into matters of sexual abuse of minors.

Moran said that after all the jurors were questioned and all said that the material would not affect them, Case allowed the trial to continue.

The issue of the paper distributed in the courthouse alleged a cover-up of a ring of Nebraska pedophiles. It reported that Bonacci said he was forced to have sex with the body of a dead child while someone pointed a gun at Bonacci's head and another person filmed the 1984 episode.

The paper said Bonacci later was forced to watch the film. The paper did not say where the events were supposed to have taken place.

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