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DeCamp Acts at Bonacci Hearing Testimony of Franklin Witnesses Sought - May 15, 1991 - Omaha World-Herald

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May 15, 1991 DeCamp Acts at Bonacci Hearing Testimony of Franklin Witnesses Sought; [Sunrise Edition] Leslie Boellstorff. Omaha World - Herald. Omaha, Neb. pg. 15

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Lincoln lawyer-lobbyist and former State Sen. John DeCamp argued Tuesday that to properly defend Paul Bonacci, he should be allowed to obtain sworn testimony from any witness who appeared before the Franklin grand jury.

Bonacci, 23, has been indicted on three counts of perjury for allegedly lying to the grand jury that investigated child sexual abuse allegations that grew out of a legislative committee's investigation into the failure of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union.

Two Interviews

DeCamp appeared before Douglas County District Judge J. Patrick Mullen in a hearing Tuesday to seek court authorization for two specific sworn interviews.

One would be with a young man DeCamp alleges to have performed sex acts for pay during some of the same parties in which Bonacci allegedly was exploited. The other would be with a former Omaha School District counselor whom Bonacci allegedly told in 1986 that he had been sexually abused by prominent Omahans.

DeCamp also sought to obtain police reports, if any exist, of a purported investigation into Bonacci's 1986 allegations. He also asked to view videotapes seized from the home of Peter Citron, a former World-Herald and WOWT-Channel 6 entertainment reporter who was convicted last year of sexual abuse of young boys. DeCamp claimed the videotapes would substantiate Bonacci's sexual abuse allegations.

Prosecutor Objects

The prosecutor, Deputy County Attorney Gerald Moran, objected, saying the information DeCamp seeks has nothing to do with the criminal charges against Bonacci.

Moran argued that DeCamp is improperly using the criminal proceedings to obtain information to back up a civil lawsuit he filed on behalf of Bonacci in U.S. District Court.

That lawsuit, filed in February, names numerous people and entities as defendants, including The World-Herald and the Omaha School District.

"For several months he's been rooting through the grand jury transcripts looking for material for his civil suits," Moran said.

DeCamp, however, argued that in order to prove the truth of Bonacci's testimony before the grand jury, he needs to collect evidence dating back to the late 1970s. He argued that he needs to reconstruct "the whole story" to determine whether or not Bonacci lied to the grand jury.

If Bonacci told the grand jury he witnessed sexual activity at a party, DeCamp said, he needs to learn, "Was there such a party? And if there was a party, where was it . . . and who was there?"

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