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Pamela Vuchetich Says DeCamp, Schmit Urged Lawsuits Danny King Lawyer: DeCamp at Sessions - Aug 3, 1990 - Omaha World-Herald

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Aug 3, 1990 Pamela Vuchetich Says DeCamp, Schmit Urged Lawsuits Danny King Lawyer: DeCamp at Sessions; [Metro Edition] Robert Dorr. Omaha World - Herald. Omaha, Neb. pg. 1

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The lawyer for a young man who made videotaped accusations of child sexual abuse to legislative investigator Gary Caradori said she met on two occasions with Caradori, State Sen. Loran Schmit and former State Sen. John DeCamp.

Pamela Vuchetich, the lawyer for James Daniel King and the former lawyer for two other young people who made accusations to Caradori, said Schmit and DeCamp urged her to file civil lawsuits on behalf of her clients seeking compensation from Omaha men they accused.

She said Schmit and DeCamp also urged her to seek court injunctions to block law enforcement authorities from talking to her clients.

DeCamp said Thursday that The World-Herald erred in a news story in Wednesday's editions quoting Mrs. Vuchetich as saying DeCamp attended some meetings she had with Schmit, chairman of the Legislature's Franklin committee; Caradori, the committee's investigator; and Bob Creager, the committee's lawyer.

Mrs. Vuchetich said Thursday that she stands by her statement that DeCamp met with her, Schmit and Caradori, who later was killed in a plane crash.

Creager Didn't Attend

The news article erred in saying Creager also attended, Mrs. Vuchetich said. Creager also said he didn't recall attending any meetings with Mrs. Vuchetich and DeCamp.

Mrs. Vuchetich said Thursday that she attended a meeting in Schmit's office last Jan. 12. DeCamp, Schmit and Caradori were the others who attended, she said.

At that time, she was the attorney for King, 21, and the other two young people, Troy Boner, 23, and Alisha Owen, 21, who had told Caradori on videotape that they had been sexually abused.

Mrs. Vuchetich said DeCamp was there as Schmit's personal attorney. At the meeting, Schmit and DeCamp suggested that she file civil suits against persons alleged to be perpetrators of the sexual abuse, she said.

She said DeCamp said he would be willing to help her prepare documents for such suits.
She did not follow the advice to file suits, she said, because she was new to the case and felt she didn't have enough facts.

Injunction Advised

Mrs. Vuchetich said Schmit and DeCamp also advised her to seek a court injunction that would prevent the State Patrol and FBI from interviewing her three clients.

She didn't follow that advice either, she said, although she decided to seek immunity agreements for her clients before permitting them to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

The evening of Jan. 12, Mrs. Vuchetich said, she again met with DeCamp, Schmit and Caradori and discussed the same matters. That meeting came during dinner at DeCamp's house, she said.

At both meetings, Caradori didn't express his opinion on the advice given by Schmit and DeCamp, she said.

Later, she said, she had two chance meetings with DeCamp - one in Schmit's office and one in a Capitol hallway. Both times, DeCamp asked her if she had decided to file civil suits against the accused perpetrators, she said.

It was on Jan. 18, six days after the meetings Mrs. Vuchetich described, that DeCamp issued his memorandum that said "the most powerful and rich public personalities of the state are central figures in the investigation." He then named five people.

Not Getting Into Fight

Asked Friday for his recollections of the described meetings, Schmit said: "There is no reason for me to get into the fight between Pamela and Johnny."

Schmit said he recalled one time when DeCamp came to his office when he was meeting with Caradori and Mrs. Vuchetich.

"I've met with hundreds of people the last year, including lots of people from the news media in here," he said. "My office is like Grand Central Station."

DeCamp couldn't be reached Friday to respond to Mrs. Vuchetich's latest comments.

He wrote to The World-Herald concerning the Wednesday story that quoted Mrs. Vuchetich as saying she was at meetings attended by DeCamp, Schmit, Caradori and Creager.

"This statement is false," DeCamp wrote. "It is obviously intended to continue The World-Herald goal of providing false and misleading impressions of my involvement or influence on the Franklin situation. It is obviously intended to discredit me."

Tried His Best

In the news story, King said he had tried his best to convince Caradori that he was lying when he told Caradori about incidents of sexual abuse of children in Omaha.

Mrs. Vuchetich said in that story that a Douglas County grand jury "correctly reported the facts" last week in saying the sexual abuse accusations amounted to "a carefully crafted hoax."

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