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Woman on Videotape Says King Was Blackmailed - Apr 6, 1990 - Omaha World-Herald

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Apr 6, 1990 Woman on Videotape Says King Was Blackmailed; [Sunrise Edition] Robert Dorr. Omaha World - Herald. Omaha, Neb. pg. 15

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A 21-year-old woman said in a videotaped interview that was telecast Thursday night that she became aware of a blackmail attempt against Lawrence E. King Jr. several years ago.

In her taped account, the woman said a man told King, then top executive officer of Franklin Community Federal Credit Union: "You have to give me some money."

King indicated he would have to go to Grand Cayman Island, near Jamaica, to get money, the woman said, "because basically what (the man) was doing was blackmailing him (King)."

The name of the man who allegedly blackmailed King was bleeped out in the special WOWT-Channel 6 program on the taped statements of three young people.

WOWT hasn't disclosed how it obtained a copy of the 21 hours of tapes shown earlier to the legislative committee looking into matters involving the failed Omaha credit union.

'Clean Money'

The woman told legislative committee investigator Gary Caradori that she asked why King had agreed to give the man money. The unidentified man then said: "Not all money everybody has is clean money," according to the woman's account.

There was no explanation of that comment. King's name was the only one mentioned during the 30-minute program.

The woman said she was picked up on Wednesdays at noon at a bus stop near Central High School, where she was a student. Then 15 years old, she was taken to an area motel for sexual encounters with a widely known Omaha man, she said.

"He would grab and pinch me . . . pull my hair . . . slap me," she said.

After the encounters, lasting 15 minutes to an hour, she would be driven back to the school, she said, although she didn't return to classes.

The woman, now an inmate at the Nebraska Center for Women at York, has said the man fathered her young child.

Describing other sexual encounters, the young woman said: "A lot of times it would be me tied up. A lot of it was handcuffed with my hands behind my head and my feet tied."

The woman claimed that if she didn't agree to go to motels to have sex, an unidentified man would hurt her and even "kill me if he wanted to."

Highly Recognizable

Omaha attorney J. William Gallup, one of two guests appearing on the show, said he believes that some of the sexual activities described on tape did occur. But he said he doubts that the woman's account of the sexual encounters with the widely known Omaha man is accurate.

Gallup said it is unlikely that a highly recognizable man would pick up a young girl at noon in front of Central High week after week and take her to a motel. "He's too smart to have done that," Gallup said.

Trish Lanphier, spokeswoman for Concerned Parents, a group formed after the child abuse allegations surfaced, said that in her opinion Gallup's assessment was "naive."

She said she believes the encounters did occur. If there is no prosecution, she said, it will be due to the five-year statute of limitations on prosecuting sexual assault. Civil lawsuits are possible, she said.

She said the taped statements of the three young people were convincing. "How compelling it is when it comes straight from them," she said.

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